21st Century LLC
Aacom Communications Corp
AE Bruggemann & Co. Inc
AGR Trading LLC
AIG Clearing Corp.
Alliance Financial, LLC
Alon USA, LP
American Pacific Futures
Anglian Commodities Fund Limited
AQR Capital Management
Aquila, Inc.
Athena Capital Research
Avant Asset Management

Bach Financial Limited
Banc of America Futures, Inc.
Bank of America N.A.
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Oklahoma Bank Vontobel AG
Barclays Bank PLC
Barclays Capital Inc.
Birch Brokerage
Black Oak Capital, LLC
Blue Capital Group
BNP Paribas CIT
BRNZ Commodities, LLC

C.F.D. Commodities
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Citadel Investment Group
Citibank NA
Commerzbank International SA
Convergence Capital Group
Credit Suisse First Boston, LLC

Deutsche Bank AG, London
Dow Corporation
Draxis Energy Management LP
Dresdner Bank

Edison Mission
Elliott International, LP
Energy Marketing - A Divison of Amerada Hess Corporation
Energy Transfer Corp.
Entegra Capital Management, LP
Entergy Koch Trading, LP
Evolution Markets, LLC
Fidelity Investments
First New York Securities, LLC
FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.
FPL Power Marketing, Inc.
Full Cycle Energy Canadian Offshore Ltd.
Future Dynamics

G & H Commodities
Gelber & Associates Corp.
Geneva Ireland Financial Trading, Ltd.
Gibson Energy Ltd.
Glencore Commodities Ltd.
Global Advisors Commodity Investment, LP
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Goldman, Sachs & Co. (London)
Graham Capital Management, LP
Griswold Capitol Management, Inc.
GS Trading Partners, LLC

Heritage Capital, LP
Hin Leong Trade Pte Ltd
Horizon Commodities, Ltd.
Hornsby & Co. Inc.
HPR commodities, LLC
Hudson Capital
Hunter Capital
Hencorp Futures

IBS Futures
ICAP United
IGC Asia Pte Ltd
ING Bank
Intermarket Brokerage, LLC
International Power America
International Trading Group LLC
ITG, Inc.

J. Aron & Co.
J.P. Morgan Futures, Inc.
James Valley Ethanol
Jefferies Real Asset Master Fund, Ltd
Jeffries & Co.
JP Morgan Chase Bank, Inc.
Jump Trading, LLC
Kansas Energy Partners, LLC
KG Capital
Kitco, Inc.
KMAC Trading
Koch Supply & Trading, LLC
Kyte Group Limited

Lim Asia
Lind-Waldock & Co.
Lodge Capital Group LLC
Louis Dreyfus Canada Energy, LP
LukoilPan Americas, LLC
Lavinia LLC

M.L. Commodities
Mac Trading, Inc
Madison Tyler Trading
Man Financial Limited
Maxcreation Investment Ltd.
MBF Clearing Corp.
Merchant Commodity Fund
Mercuria Energy Trading SA
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc.
Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith
MF Global
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc.
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
MSC Trading, LLC

N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd.
National Australia Bank
National Bank of Canada International
National Gas Distributors (NGD)
National Trading, LLC
Natural Futures Inc
Nehemiah-Pritiva.Umbrella Fund S.A.
Nestle USA
New Jersey Natural Gas Co.
New York State Electric & Gas Corporation
Newedge Canada
Noble Gas Marketing, Inc.
NMR Trading
North Shore Gas Company
Northville Holding Corp
Northwest Metals, Inc.
Nova Commodities Inc.
NRG Power Marketing Inc.

Oceantrade SA
OCI Wyoming LP
OilSpace Inc.
Old Lane Commodities, LP
OMI Corporation
Oneok Energy Marketing & Trading Co., LP
Ontario Hydro
Ospraie Portfolio Ltd.
Occam Asset Management

Pacific Gas and Electric
Patterson Capital Markets
Peoples Energy Resources Company
PEPCO Energy Services
Peregrine Financial Group
Petrobras Intl Finance
Petrocom Ventures, Ltd.
Pioneer Futures
Plains Marketing, LP
Powerex Corp.
Powerline Petroleum, LLC
PPM Energy, Inc.
Prime International Trading Ltd
Progress Ventures
Proliance Financial, LLC
Prudential Financial Derivatives, LLC
Public Service Company of Colorado

Q-Rock Energy Trading
Quaestus Trading, LLC
Quiet Light Trading, LLC

R.J. O’Brien & Associates, Inc.
Radegun Investment, LLC
Rafferty Energy Group
RAM Energy Investments, LLC
Ramius Capital Group, LLC
Rand Financial Services
Rayner & Stonington Trading Co., LLC
Richardson Energy Marketing Ltd.
Risk Management Incorporated
Risk Metrics Group
Ronin Capital, LLC
Rosen Brener Group, Inc.
Rosenthal Collins Group
Royal Bank of Canada

SAC Capital Advisors, LLC
SCS Commodities Corp
SemGroup, LLC
SESCO Enterprises, LLC
Shell Trading (US) Company
Sirius Investment Management, Inc.
Societe Generale
Societe Generale Energie (USA) Corp.
Southern California Gas Company
Split Rock Energy, LLC
Square Investment Management
Standard Bank London Limited
Standard Chartered Limited
Star Supply Petroleum Inc.
Sterling Commodities Corp.
Stevens Capital Management
Supreme Oil Co.
Swiftwater Capital Management LP
Syntex Energy

Tahoe Trading
TD Securities (USA) Inc.
Team Futures Inc
Term Commodities
Tewksbury Investment Fund Ltd.
Texas Petrochemicals Corp.
TFR Global
TMP Trading
Tokyo Mitsubishi International Plc
Traditional Financial Services Ltd.
Tudor Proprietary Trading, LLC

U.S. Energy Services
U.S. Oil & Refining Company
UBS Securities
Union Electric
Union Financials
United Energy Trading
Upstream Energy Services, LP
Valero Marketing & Supply Co.
Valhalla Capital Advisors, LLC
Valkyrie Investment
Van/Ecker Couder & Associates
Vanguard Energy Services
Vantage Trading
Vitol Capital Management Ltd.

Wells Fargo & Company
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Westport Petroleum, Inc.
Williams Power Company, Inc.
(The) Windham Group, Inc.
Woodward Marketing, LLC
World Fuel Services
WPS Energy Services
WTD Consulting, Inc.

Xcel Energy
Xconnect Trading Ltd
XL Trading Partners Ltd.

ZE PowerGroup
Zenith Capital and Trading, LLC
Zone Energy Group